Team Expertise

The team reviewed the existing St. Joseph Services video provided to Brian Cicirello by St. Joseph Executive Director Lisa Sullivan. Technical and mixed message issues were discussed amongst team members. Some issues in the existing video included: overly lengthy cameras focus on the interviewee, disjointed mission message, random basketball-playing nun with inappropriate rock music at the end.

We also viewed the existing logo and collateral materials, citing the need for design updates and consistent branding.  As a team, we travelled to the organization’s headquarters and assessed the needs of St. Joseph Services through an in-person meeting. Over an hour’s time, our team was able to extract the goals of the client for this multi-tiered project through discussion with Executive Director Lisa Sullivan and Mickie about their current media tools, the existing message that their current media portrays on their behalf and the new direction they wished to take their message in the video our group created for them, namely, to focus on the points of the organization as “grass roots” in order to carry special appeal to the local communities (Humboldt Park and Austin neighborhoods) in which this non-profit organization is situated, getting “the word out” and establishing a Zeitgeist of a friendly “homelike” environment of sanctuary, safety, and learning for children, families in poverty, and non-native English speaking adults.

Another mission-centric point St. Joseph Services wished to cover in the Team’s creation of a new video was the gentle call to action for volunteers, donations and materials. They wished to emphasize the practical use of donor funds while identifying that the St. Joseph Services organization was started by the Daughters of Charity.

Key requirements of the client:

1) A New Services Video – for both their in-progress website and YouTube

2) A re-worked Logo – change the “alien-shaped head” to look human

3) Collateral: consistent letterhead, newsletter, envelope, business card, etc.

4) Graphic Standards Manual – for in-house use by St. Joseph employee, Micky O’Kerns


Our team had several members interested in learning and participating in cross-over creative portions of the project, as a team it was decided that we would proceed as a multi-functional team, which proved to be a successful maneuver as the many needs of the client were met in a timely and diversely creative manner.

Team members for the St. Joseph project include:

Amelia Noyes
Project Manager included overseeing all aspects of project completion and that the group met all deadlines, assisted with editing the video, created the music bed, Editorial Editor
Amanda Hoel-Green
Interviewer, Lighting Tech, Videographer, Rough Cut editor
Brian Cicirello
Client Coordinator, Equipment Coordinator, Site Coordinator, Final Cut Editor, Publisher
Brian Miller
Production Assistant, Voiceover Interviewer, Graphic Standards – Letterhead, Editorial Editor
Brooke Becker
Logo and Graphic Design, Lighting Tech, Videographer, Rough Cut Editor, & Editorial Editor
Hannah Kenny
Co-Art Director, Business Card Design, Brochure, Color Palettes, Photo Editing for website and video.
Joseph Goebel
Co-Art Director - Newsletter design and standards, E-mail Newsletter design, Established typeface, logo, color, and web standards, Compiled graphic standards manual and graphic standards CD, designed news release template, and Final hard copy product branding.
Sarah McNabb
Video Art Director, 1st & 2nd storyboard development, 
recorded sound at Austin filming, notated time for rough cuts, created new St. Joe's envelope, assisted with final hard copy product branding, & Editorial Editor
Sean Bush
Photography, Audio Boom Operator, B-roll Videographer, Web Content manager, Web Designer, and Photo Storage Manager


Once the key mission points were solidified with the client, to utilize the momentum of this project over the ten-week period in which the team had, Team Project Manager Amelia Noyes allocated practical weekly goals for team members to accomplish so that the entirety of the project could be successfully completed, edited and polished for the client (and previewed by the client prior to the last team class session) by the end of the quarter.

As a group we assessed and created interview questions which would cultivate information centered on these very specific points by those being interviewed and as a group we thought a diverse range of interviewees effective to vouch for the St. Joseph mission would be (one or many) St. Joseph employee, a volunteer and a participating child.